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Boys & Girls Clubs of the Bay & Lakes Region

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Bay & Lake Region, we are many things to the kids we serve because kids today need many things! We are caring mentors that go deep to meet each child where they are at and help them get where they want to go. We are safe spaces, after-school and in the summer, for kids to connect and thrive. And we are innovative, high-quality programs, designed to empower youth to excel in school and lead healthy, productive lives. Our professionally trained team of youth development experts provide youth in our communities with a variety of programs that intentionally focus on our
six pillars of success:

  • Leadership & belonging
  • Emotional wellness
  • Creative arts and STEM
  • Health & fitness
  • Workplace readiness
  • Academic success

Mission Statement

To provide all young people with opportunities to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible individuals.


Value-Be Here & Shine

Be Here & Shine

We show up with integrity as our full, authentic selves always putting forth our best effort and holding ourselves accountable. Our passion is evident, and we seek to inspire, igniting the spark within those around us to have a lasting impact.

Value-Be Safe, Be You

Be Safe, Be You

We believe in everyone being their authentic selves while embracing the thoughts, ideas and talents of others. We value diversity and inclusion while creating a safe environment for all. At Club, everyone belongs.

Value-Be the Bridge

Be the Bridge

We build and nurture trust in everything we do and say. We are empathetic and listen with open hearts, creating opportunities for our youth and community while modeling the way.

Value-Be WONDERful


Innovation and growth are at the core of our organization. We wonder what could be and challenge what is. We strive to be a leader in youth services and seek to act on our why.

Club by the numbers

Boys & Girls Clubs make a difference!

The Bay & Lakes Region

The Bay & Lakes Region consists of Boys & Girls Clubs in Door County, Greater Green Bay and Shawano. By serving over 2,000 youth a year, we have extensive expertise in youth development, and we leverage this experience to serve kids during their time between school and home. Our work is backed by a commitment to provide high-quality Club Experiences in every location, facilitated by caring, trained professionals who understand what it takes to be a voice for young people to reach their full potential. By working together as a region, the Clubs of the Bay & Lakes Region will ensure even stronger support for the youth, families and communities of Northeast Wisconsin.

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