Door County

Boys & Girls Club of Door County

Welcome to the Boys & Girls Club of Door County!
The Club provides a safe place for your youth or teen with an opportunity to discover their own great futures!

We believe every child is unique and special, and we go to great lengths to ensure their success. With our experienced staff, safe environment, high-quality programs and distinctive experiences, we level the playing field for all kids and teens, helping them shine to reach their full potential and shine throughout the entire Peninsula.

Our professionally trained staff provide youth in the community with a variety of programs that intentionally focus on the six pillars of success:

  • leadership & belonging
  • emotional wellness
  • creative arts and STEM
  • health & fitness
  • workplace readiness
  • academic success

Join us in building meaningful relationships with the children so that everyone at Club feels a sense of belonging and a commitment to their community.


A Healthy Start

I love the food! It’s a common response by youth who find Club to be a source they can rely on to eat—something not everyone can count on at home. In fact, our Door County chef and each location’s food staff might as well be superheroes to members who rate food among the top benefits of coming to Club. And these positive offerings help create a bridge for staff to then engage youth who can apply their sense of welcome and belonging to other skill development each visit.

Healthy start
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