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Summer Membership

At Club, our summer program is a dynamic blend of fun and personal development. We have qualified staff committed to the Club mission of building meaningful relationships with kids, so everyone feels a sense of belonging—including those in our summer program. These dedicated youth development professionals design programs that cater to the unique needs of each child, creating a space where they can learn essential life skills such as teamwork and collaboration, self-awareness, effective communication and more.

Our summer program continues our goal of shaping the next generation of leaders, providing a safe and nurturing environment where children can grow academically, emotionally and socially. Our goal is to ensure they return to school with not only cherished memories but with increased confidence and a foundation for lifelong success. It’s a place where our children can learn new things, ignite new passions, develop new skills, and meet lifelong friends. We welcome you to join us!

Summer Membership Details

Contact Information
Lutsey: Desiree Waubano 
Nagel: Venus Robertson 

Program Dates:
June – August 2024* 
*2024 dates coming soon

Summer Hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:30AM – 5:30PM

Summer Fees:
Fees are only required for elementary school students.
*Year in school is based on upcoming academic year (2023-2024)

Individual Child Rate
Family Rate (2+ Children)
Annual Household Income

Above $50,000+ = Full Price

Under $50,000 = Reduced Rate

Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch = Waived
Annual Household Income

Above $50,000+ = Full Price

Under $50,000 = Reduced Rate

Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch = Waived

Summer membership includes
breakfast, lunch, snacks, field trips, programs and activities.

Learn more about our programs that are helping shape our future leaders. 

Our Clubhouses

Lutesy West Clubhouse

Lutsey – West Side Clubhouse
1451 University Ave. Green Bay, WI 54302
For Membership Contact:
Desiree Waubano

Nagel East Clubhouse

Nagel – East Side Clubhouse
311 S Oneida St. Green Bay, WI 54303 

For Membership Contact:
Venus Robertson

Daily Schedule

7:30 Morning Block 
8:45 Morning Assembly 
9:30 Program Block #1 
10:30 Program Block #2 
11:30 Lunch Assembly 
NOON Lunch 
12:30 Homeroom 
1:30 Program Block #3 
2:30 Program Block #4 
3:30 Snack 
3:45 End of Day Block 
5:30 Club Closes 

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